Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Top Ten Unusual Phrases

Davey has been in our lives for just over two years now. In that time several odd phrases have crept into my vernacular. Dave usually gives me this look

when I say any of the following:

10. "Not food" usually shouted and followed by the typical "drop it"

9. "Please stop licking the wall/floor/couch/cat"

8. "Don't let the cat puke in your mouth" Yes, she has come close to doing that.

7. "Why is your poop orange/blue/purple/pink?"

6. "Leave my bra alone!"- Davey likes to parade said undergarment around the house. Trust me, that is not a phrase I have uttered often in my life before Dave.

5. "Do NOT dive in that pooh!" - ah yes, poop diving. An infrequent but happy pastime

4. "Stop growling at the homeless man"- Dave does not have sympathy for the homeless, we aren't sure why.

3. "My bosom is not a shelf"- Davey likes to drop toys, rawhides and the like on his mom-shelf. Actually, I say that to more than just Dave, come to think of it.

2. "Please stop riding your sister"- said when Dave gets in a cat chasing mood. He is faster than poor Chloe so he is often ON her while chasing her.

1. "We don't hump our friends" – most frequently said at the dog park, occasionally said to my partner when we have cute visitors.

If you have pets of your own, I am sure you have similar statements you would rather the neighbors didn't hear. Do share...


Bruschi said...

Yes my package arrived and was oh so tasty! I think the apple crisp is my favorite!!

Those are some funny phrases you have been using since Davey has come along! Mommy uses, "stop humping" quite often too! And my warning when I am being destructive is "do you wanna go in the crate?!" and that always gets me to stop and behave! BOL!

Hugs and Licks, Bruschi

Ms. Latina said...

Davey is such a beautiful dog!

Shel said...

You know what I like to do when the doggage have something clenched in the "jaws of life" that they shouldn't (like a certain little girl's Polly Pockets)? I scream "DROP IT MOTHERF(*&ER" and pretend I'm Sgt. Pepper Anderson from "Police Woman" (showing my age) although I'm not sure Pepper ever uttered a derogatory reference to someone's mother on tv.

22 years in law enforcement have given me mad skills, I have to practice somewhere.

I am Lainey ...Sister is Chloe .. said...

HAHAHAHAAh these are HILARIOUS!!!! you crack me up i laughed and laughed!!!

I love the bra and the poop diving (thank go it hasnt caught on!) Its not food and the poop color

OKAY I LOVED ALL 10 of them