Saturday, May 30, 2009

Fairytale Brownies Father’s Day Giveaway- CLOSED

If you have a Father, Husband, Grandfather with a sweet tooth I have the perfect gift for them- the most amazing brownies you have ever had in your mouth. Although I believe one or two of you might have a grandma or aunt out there that could make brownies as good, I doubt anything could be better than Fairytale Brownies.

I had the chance to try the Father's Day dozen and let me tell you, they were gone in 2 days. My partner cursed while she ate the first bite, as in "Holy &%$# these are some $%#& good brownies". Oh yes indeed, they are so good they cause spontaneous swearing.

I was pleased as could be and we had some serious Halloween-tummy in the house during our brownie binge. Dave, however, was one unhappy puggle since I informed him "brownies kill puggles". Poor guy, even this crazy-eyed, flippy-ear "I'm wild with brownie-need" look garnered him nothing:

Not only do the brownies taste incredible but they come beautifully wrapped with great attention to detail…a great gift to send for any occasion. A dozen brownies, such as the ones I tried, runs around $37 but there are a variety of gifts available starting at under $30.

The amazing people at Fairytale Brownies would like to give one very lucky tummy of a reader (not for puggles!) the Father's Day Dozen gift pack that I received. Make sure if you win you have it shipped right to dad or I guarantee you it will never reach his hands. Not that I will tell a soul if it doesn't.

How to Enter
Visit The Fairytale Brownies website and tell me which flavor you would like to try the most. You really can't go wrong considering how phenomenal every single one is. This entry must be completed in order to gain any extra entries.

Extra Entries

  • Follow Fairytale Brownies on twitter (1 entry, leave your user id)
  • Request a catalog from Fairytale Brownies. You have been warned, it is the ultimate in explicit food porn. (1 entry, leave the e-mail addy you signed up with)
  • Enter any of my other giveaways (listed to the left, let me know which you entered, 1 additional Brownie entry per giveaway)
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The giveaway is open to U.S. residents. Entries will be accepted until June 9th 11:59 PM CST at which time someone's Dad is gonna be mighty happy. Winner will be notified via e-mail.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Big Paw Designs Collar Charm Giveaway- CLOSED

If Dave could talk I know there are times that he would say exactly what his Big Paw Designs tag, above, says. even when caught red-pawed, like this...

Or this

Or this

Perhaps you have a Dave of your very own? Or maybe you have a squirrel stalker like Davey's sweetheart, Ruby, who would wear this with pride:

Or is your furry pal is none of the above because they are simply the...

Big Paw Designs would like to give one of my readers an exclusive Big Paw Designs pewter collar charm of their very own. The charms are high-quality, lightweight, sturdy and come in a multitude of whimsical choices. I also love that you have the option of getting them with a variety of ways to attach to the collar, like the nifty clip option.

Big Paw also sells a ton of great pet products, gift items and more… including the ONLY toy in our house that has a squeaker- the Katie's Bumper tug toy. I consider it a miracle toy since it has managed to retain said squeaker for at least 4 months and still gets played with often. Be sure to check out the Katie's Toys if you have a destructor like Davey.

Onto the good stuffs, the giveaway!

How to Enter
Visit Big Paw Designs and tell me which tag you prefer. This entry must be completed in order to gain any extra entries.

Extra Entries

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The giveaway is open to U.S. residents. Entries will be accepted until June 7th 11:59 PM CST at which time the winner will be notified via e-mail. Woofs and kisses!

Bunches of winners...

Care4Hire- madly59

Thanks everyone for entering. I have sent you all e-mails so if you haven't seen them, please let me know. If you didn't win the poster be sure to visit and check out there fantastic rates. Plus there is a UPrinting Father's DAy giveaway to be posted soon!

Pet Scribbles Greeting Card Giveaway- 6 winners! CLOSED

I am more excited than usual about my latest giveaway, which is saying a lot for me as I am pretty dang excitable in general. In fact I am so excitable my partner insists that the "dog voice" (the voice only dogs can hear that I get when worked up) not be used in the house.

I had a hard time reining the dog voice in when I got these in the mail-

You see, I stalked the owner and designer of Pet Scribbles greeting cards and begged her to let me feature her fantastic work. Laura went above and beyond just allowing me to gush over her- she offered to give cards to SIX of my readers.

Pet Scribbles cards are the cards I have long been searching for. You see, we are those pet parents. We always give cards to one another from our pets. Often times we only have a few to pick from at the store. The fact that there are any at all means there has to be more of those pet parents out there than just us, right? Pet Scribbles has charming designs just for pet people like me. Cards like this Father's Day card from the cat:

You don't have to be a kooky pet parent to love Pet Scribbles. Laura has whimsical, beautiful and totally pet-less card line called "Purrtea" that feature Victorian era designs, like the "Birthday Time" card:

The picture simply does not do this card justice. The design is delicate and beautiful with just the right amount of girly glitter that I so love. The details are amazing and the quality is some of the best I have seen. All the cards are lovingly made to order and trust me; the attention to detail really shows when you hold a Pet Scribbles card in your hand.

Pet Scribbles has a card for every occasion; new pet announcements , tea themed cards, "just because" cards and pet sympathy cards. My favorite line has to be the hard to resist "Apawlogy" line, for those moments when you need to work the puppy eyes for forgiveness.

The cards average about $3.30 per card with a 3 card minimum per order if you order direct. The Pet Scribbles and Purrtea lines are also available at a number of online boutiques and retail locations nationwide.

I bet you are wondering about that great giveaway right about now, aren't you? Pet Scribbles has offered to give 2 lucky readers their choice of 1 Fathers Day card plus 3 cards of their choice from any of the individual cards Pet Scribbles offers. Additionally 4 readers will win their choice of Father's Day card. That is 6 winners total which ups your odds of snagging one of these gorgeous cards.

How to Enter
Visit the Pet Scribbles Card CATalog and tell me which is your favorite Father's Day card or your favorite design in general. This step must be done to be eligible for extra entries.

Extra Entries

  • Follow Pet Scribbles on twitter and tweet about this giveaway (1 entry per day, leave a link)
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The giveaway is open to U.S. residents. Entries will be accepted until June 8th 11:59 PM CST at which time the randomizer will choose the winners. Winners will be notified via e-mail and will have 48 hours to respond so we can get the prizes out in time for Father's Day. Good luck everyone!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Pevonia Botanica Giveaway- CLOSED

Any day a box of girly spa products arrives in the mail is a good day in my house. So you can imagine my excitement recently when I got not one, not two but THREE high quality spa products from Pevonia Botanica. I will admit I did a little happy dance.

Pevonia makes high-quality, green, beauty products for use in spas and your home. These products and beauty treatments aren't just any ole facial masks and soaps- they are THE products used by some of the finest resorts and spas in the world. Not only can you get these products applied at spas, you can have them in your very home, like me, who you now envy for her luscious skin and scent.

Of course I loved the products I tried; they smell fantastic, work like magic and look so purty on my sink. But there is so much more to Pevonia Botanica products than meets the eye. Here is a sampling of facts about Pevonia:
  • Made with organic extracts and essential oils
  • Packaging is eco-friendly, that is it is post-consumer recyclable and biodegradable
  • Pevonia is "cruelty-free", the products are never tested on animals
  • The ingredients are the safest I have seen- no formaldehyde, mineral oil, alcohol, lanolin, PABA or sodium lauryl sulfate in anything.
  • The formulas for all the products are tested and proven effective, so you know they'll work.

I was able to try products from the in-home "oily skin" line, including the Phyto-Gel cleanser, the Mattifying Oily Skin mask, and the Mattifying Oily Skin Cream. This was an amazing trio of products I never would have discovered if not for Pevonia. I can rarely afford to go to a spa for a treatment, but with these products I absolutely felt like I had a high quality spa treatment.

Jealous? You don't have to be. Pevonia Botanica is giving one lucky reader a Bathing Renewal Kit valued at $60.

The kit, pictured above, includes the Dry Oil Body Moisturizer, Silky Skin Body Scrub, and the Seaweed Exfoliating Soap. I know you are lusting after that little beauty of a pampering-kit, so let me cut to the chase…

How to Enter

Visit Pevonia Botanica's website, click the "Recommended For You" tab at the top and take the quiz. Then head back here and tell me one of the recommendations. This entry must be completed in order to gain any extra entries.

Extra Entries

  • Follow Pevonai Botanica on twitter (1 entry, leave your user id)
  • Sign up for Pevonia Botanic's newsletter (1 entry, leave the e-mail addy you signed up with)
  • Enter any of my other giveaways (listed to the left, let me know which you entered, 1 additional Pevonia entry per giveaway)
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  • Follow me on twitter and tweet this giveaway (1 tweet per day, link to your tweet please
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The giveaway is open to both U.S. and Canadian residents. Entries will be accepted until June 7th 11:59 PM CST at which time the randomizer will do its thing and pick a luck winner. Winner will be notified via e-mail.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

My 1st Week Working with the Snuggle Puggle

Dave here, wanted to let you know about all the hard work I have been doing. You see this puggle, Eduardo, puts all us dogs to work in the Snuggle Puggle Work Force. Isn't that brilliant? We get to do things we like as work too.

You might not know this, but we dogs love to work. Oh sure it might look like I am napping in bed with mommy but really I am working! So let me get right to it and tell you how hard I worked this whole week.
My most important work this week was done in the "Keeping Mom Occupied" department. I started out my work with a bang and a stink.
On Wednesday I decided Mom was getting a little too bored with our dog park visits, so I thought I would mix it up. I found a large pile of lovely poop and rolled and dove in it about 10 times. Smart, aren't I? I thought that would make her happy!
I was jumping and bouncing and swirling my head in that glorious stench when Mom comes running from across the park screaming her brains out. I think maybe she was jealous cause she wanted it for herself. She took the poo and put it an a bag to save for later I'm sure
That's OK because I was good and covered in it already and that poop was all used up. I had such lovely stink on my head, my ears, both sides my feet and even all smooshed into my collar! Hey, I'm a hard worker.

I ran around that park greeting every single person with my new stank-coat and they all screamed in sheer delight when they saw me. Mom even tried to take some more of the stuff for herself by wiping me all over in baby wipes and a wet towel but haha, I still stank when I got in the car.

Then mom did some crazy stuff when we got home. She gave me THREE baths. And it wasn't even time for my bath. Why on earth she would want that nasty orange soap smell in her bed instead of my carefully selected poo-essence is beyond me. Anyway, after the bath I made sure to bark out the window at dogs going by while mom was mumbling about "bad dogs" (the ones outside I bet!) and cleaning the bathroom. Here I am, post bath, guarding the living room window from neighborhood dog menaces:

Note that I am totally naked in that picture cause Mom took my collar and made it smell like orange soap too! That lady is crazy for the soap, I swear.

All in all I would say I kept her dog park visit interesting that day. I think it was too much for the poor delicate creature cause we didn't go back for days after that.

I also kept Mom busy through the week by acting very puppy-like. I know how she loves the puppies so I gave her some reminders like stealing pens and trying to chew them, grabbing food when I could and making small but well thought out messes. When she started yelling at me for this mess I looked around to see who she was yelling at:

Then I figured maybe I should play along and give her a sad puppy pose for her picture box, she loves those.

Aren't I a great worker?

Quantum Life Settlements- money when you need it most

The economy has taken its toll on this household, that is for sure. Although we are holding our own quite nicely under less than ideal conditions we have made a number of lifestyle changes in order to cope, including dumping our pricey cable service; lowering our electric, phone and insurance bills and making cuts to our entertainment expenses. So far none of these things have been particularly painful (no, not even the cable) and I think overall they have been really great changes I am glad we made.

We haven't yet had to cash in any assets, but no asset is totally off limits if good jobs stay so difficult to find for very long. I am not at an age where I could cash in a life insurance policy just yet, I thought some of you might want to know about a service I recently learned about- Quantum Life Settlements.

Quantum Life Settlements works to get individuals the highest possible settlement for their life insurance policies. Although it isn't something one might want to consider, I think it is a smart option if there is a genuine need for money now, while you are still around to see it go to good use. If I was eligible and needed it, it is something I would absolutely keep in mind, just in case.

Cashing in a life insurance policy isn't an option for everyone, but it is a good idea if your premiums have become too costly or you no longer need as much coverage. There are some criteria you must meet in order to be considered including having a death benefit of at least $500,000 and are 70 years old or have a life expectancy between 2 and 15 years.

It is something worth looking into if it fits you, and Quantum Life seems to be a good company to consider. You can take their free on-line qualifier quiz to see if you meet the criteria or you can learn more information at their website. If there is one thing the recent economic issues have taught me it is to be flexible and keep all my options open. I see cashing in a life insurance policy as just one of many options to consider if the need arises.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Coastal Contacts Review

I am by no means a vain individual. I'm well aware that the vast majority of the time I look like a frazzled soccer mom minus the rug rat, and that look is when I am showered and wide awake. I've been told more than a few times that when I first get up my appearance resembles this:

 stock photo by winjohn

So it is with well-worn humility I say the following- I look fierce in my new Kam Dhillion glasses from Coastal Contacts. OK, well maybe not fierce. But cute, definitely cute.


I probably shouldn't tell you this but those glasses? Yeah they are under 20 bucks with standard plastic lenses, scratch and anti-reflective coating. Add shipping and the whole package is under 30 bucks. Try and top that at any local optical, I would love to see if you look as cute as me for under 30 bucks.

I'm not just any old eyeglass shopper taking my chances on internet glasses either. I started working as an optician in college and have been in the optical field in some capacity for much of the past decade. I have helped thousands of people select, purchase and adjust to eyeglasses. When I have attempted to buy glasses off the rack at some random shop I often leave the local optician more than a bit flustered. I want high quality plus I want the lens material, brand name, coatings, size, warranty, cool-kid frames at an amazing price and I don't want any lip about it, missy. I know how much those products cost the shop and I know they can get that frame in green if I want it so dang it, give me what I want!

*Sigh* needless to say I often just go to my friends in the business to get my glasses because they put up with me. Until recently I have not been a fan of the online optical market. That change with my first online order from Coastal Contacts.

My experience with Coastal Contacts was stellar. The glasses were flawless- and I am a tough cookie. I know if that prescription is off by even one degree. I reject any lens that is not fit perfectly in the frame with unblemished edges. My glasses far exceeded my expectations. I thought internet glasses would mean subpar work. Man was I wrong. I am so ready for another pair. Eyeglasses are like shoes to me, and at these prices I can so afford a pair for every season!

Did I mention they have brand names like Prada, Gucci, Calvin Klein and Armani? It might seem hard to believe but those brand names are there at prices you could never find locally. Their inventory rotates frequently, so keep an eye out for frames you like. For example, you might not know the name Koali, but they are my MOST favorite line ever in all of the eyeglass frame world. You see the middle frame in the picture below?

That is the Koali 6058K that Coastal carries for just $68! I paid well over that AT COAST for a frame from that line when they first came out, and the frames are every bit as cool today as they were when I got them. I do so love glasses. Couple that with a great deal and I am hard to shut up…

Purchasing Your Glasses Online
The ordering process at Coastal Contacts was super easy; I think anyone could do it without a problem. Although I do have a few tips if you are ordering glasses online:

  1. Go into your doctor's office to get a copy of your prescription. This way you can assure that the "PD" measurement is on the Rx, a measurement you will need when you order. If you already have the prescription and the measurement is not there you can go into any optical and ask for them to take it for you, most will gladly oblige.
  2. Have an optician look at your current frames and tell you the size of the frame. In general there are three numbers that are important, the "eyesize" the "bridge" and the "temple length". When you select glasses online try to choose frames that are similar to a pair of glasses you have worn or you have tried on. The numbers of those measurements are in millimeters, so a few millimeters difference between what you are wearing and a new frame is no big deal, but beware if you are looking at something +/- 5 millimeters or more from your current glasses.
  3. Use the online tools such as the "size info" and "how to read your prescription" videos. These tools are very useful and can help you avoid errors.
  4. Check your prescription THREE times- once when you enter the data, once on the confirmation page and once when you hit send. If you see any errors after you have placed the order CALL right away, as sometimes the lenses are cut quickly after your order.
  5. Follow the recommendations for lens type if you want your glasses to look their best. If you are simply ordering glasses to slip on after your contacts lenses are out for the day than the cheap option is just fine. But if you have a -8.00 prescription and you expect to wear those glasses out of the house go with the lens that the site recommends. Trust me on this one. The cost is SO minimal compared to what you would pay at a local store it is well worth it.
  6. If you absolutely cannot select a frame online go to a local chain and take pictures of frames you like, then try to find the closest match online.
  7. If you order something and aren't pleased with it contact the company immediately. Coastal has a fantastic guarantee and will gladly help fix the problem, but they can't fix it if you don't tell them. If you order elsewhere read customer testimonies on an independent site before you order. I can't assure you every online optical is going to be on the up and up.

I am interested to know, have any of you out there ordered glasses online? Have you had success or issues? Send pictures if you have a super cute find, I would love to see them!! Poster Giveaway- 2 Winners

If you have ever been on my gift list you might be aware of how very much I love to give personalized items as gifts. My absolute favorite gift to give is something photo related. In this house alone we have mugs, mouse pads, collages and posters that have all been made a bit more special with a great photo.

So I was thrilled when offered to give 2 of my readers custom 16 x 20 printed posters.

UPrinting has a vast array of printing options for business or personal use. I love the poster option because it is an inexpensive way to make a memorable decoration for any room. Your options for a great photo poster are limited only by your imagination- so be creative or stick with a beautiful portrait of that adorable baby, child or furry friend.

To Enter

  1. Leave a comment telling me how you would use your free poster if you win. Go hog wild with imagination since I won't actually hold you to it if you insist Aunt Millie's big toe would make a great poster.
  2. Blog about this giveaway and leave me a link to the blog. You must also include a link to in your blog post.

That's it, pretty simple huh? Entries will be accepted until 11:59 PM CST on May 26th, 2009. Winners will be chosen by the randomizer and will have their prize shipped for free to them by UPrinting. Free shipping is valid only for U.S. and Canada winners- readers in other countries may enter to win a poster but will be responsible for the cost of shipping.

Good luck!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

SparklePaw Pocket Mirror Giveaway

I love etsy for gifts, particulary gifts for pet people. I can always find something perfect, handmade, unique and affordable. That is if I can keep from shoping for myself for more than 2 minutes.
One of my recenty etsy discoveries is the shop SparklePaw, appropriatley billed as "all things adorable". Adorable indeed. The shop features greeting cards, pocket mirrors and recipe cards with loveable, original animal artwork. Case in point, this dog card:

and the beaver card:

The above cards are available at the SparklePaw etsy store for just $3.50 each, or a pack of any 6 for just $18. Cuter AND cheaper than any old thing you will find at the drug store.

I also adore these recipe cards. I would love to get a stack of these filled with someone's personal best recipes (plenty of time till September kids, hint hint).

Leslie of SparklePaw has graciously agreed to give one of my readers this "you're such a hoot!" owl pocket mirror. The mirror would make a sweet little gift or a nice addition to your handbag.

Here is how you can win-

Main Entry (U.S. only please)
Visit the etsy SparklePaw shop and tell me which product or design is your favorite. This must be completed in order to receive extra entries.

Extra Entries

Good luck everyone! I will randomly select a winner on May 27th, you can enter till May 27th at 11:59 PM.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Endangered Species Day

stock_xchng - Wolves (stock photo by GMDee) [id 1139851]

Did you know that May 15th is Endangered Species Day? Started in 2006 the day is celebrated the 3rd Friday in May as part of an effort to educate individuals about America's disappearing wildlife. Some endangered species facts to ponder:

  • Scientists believe there are as many as 6,500 endangered species in the U.S., although only 1,200 species are legally protected as such.
  • The whooping crane, gray wolf, Pacific salmon and spotted owls are just a few of the species in the U.S. that are at risk of becoming extinct.

The Endangered Species Coalition website has a host of ways you can help the cause including participating in local events, getting educated, taking simple actions at home, having your children send in their artwork , or electronically signing the Endangered Species Act Legacy Pledge.

Another wonderful way to educate kids about endangered species is to visit the Kiss My Face website for kids. The site includes free games, videos and coloring pages- a super fun FREE way to teach your kids about the importance of a diverse wildlife population. Kiss My Face also has a fantastic organic collection just for kids, featuring endangered animals on its packaging.

Stay tuned for a special Kiss My Face kids giveaway in the next few weeks!

Skinny Cow Ice Cream

I love ice cream.

I'm not even sure if love is an adequate word. I have been asked by my partner "do you love me more than ice cream?". Of course I answered "yes darling", but she heard the hesitation in my voice. It was a close call.

In my own defense ice cream was love to me when I was a child. When I was seven my mom's friend came from Colorado to visit in Wisconsin, step son in tow. My sister and I convinced said step son it would be great fun to have a contest to see who could jump off a swing the farthest. He won- the jumping contest and a broken arm. At the emergency room my sister and I were given ice cream cones while we waited. I have had a certain odd fondness for emergency rooms since then. Ice cream erased any hint of trauma for me. It still does sometimes. There is no broken heart that cannot be at least temporarily numbed with a bowl of ice cream. All of this explains the girth of my bottom, I suppose.

I am wholly convinced that there will be ice cream in whatever exists for us after this life. There will be pools of frosty, calorie free, delicious ice cream that will never cause a belly ache from its overconsumption. Until I reach those glacial ice cream gates, however, there is Skinny Cow ice cream.

I am a girl who has tried every low-fat/sugar free/fakey low-cal ice cream out there. More than a few of those low calorie concoctions have assaulted my jaded taste buds on more than one occasion, but not my dear sweet Skinny Cow.

Skinny Cow is no cardboard low-cal wanna be ice cream. It IS ice cream. Tasty, satisfying ice cream like the 150 calorie vanilla/caramel ice cream cone, which even has that tasty chocolate reward at the bottom the more fattening cones have. I also love the 80 calorie Skinny Dippers and the new 100 calorie Truffle bars.

Thank you, Skinny Cow, for being so delicious and light. Thank you from the bottom of my getting-less-plump bottom.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009 Giveaway

Finding the perfect pet caretaker is a wonderful thing. Knowing that your pet is safe, well-cared for and even getting extra loving can make a world of difference whether you are away for a few hours or a few days.

Selecting the perfect caretaker for your pet, your child or an elderly relative can be a daunting task. Hiring the wrong person can be downright terrifying. So how do you go about choosing who you will trust to take care of your pet, family or household?

I took a slightly unusual route when it came to picking out care for Davey. I had left him at a daycare I was less than happy with while working part time. Since I was working part time for peanuts and paying for my crazy, high-energy puggle youngster to be entertained while I was at work I decided to kill two birds with one stone and seek a part time job in the pet care industry. I managed to find great work at local franchise of a company I really believe in, Camp Bow Wow.

Camp Bow Wow is still our first choice for dog care- I know the policies, the routine and I trust the workers because I know them. Plus they know I am a crazy pet mom, which is half the battle. Here is a picture of Dave at Camp, getting some friendly kisses from his puggle friend Roxie (pre-wedding, I swear Ruby):

If I had to choose a new sitter today I would consider using a site like Care4Hire is a service that helps you quickly find a quality caretaker in your neighborhood.

Candi Wingate, the president of Care4Hire, started this easy to use database as a way to connect people to quality caretakers. The database contains pet care specialists, babysitters, elder caretakers, housecleaners and more. The site also provides guidance and resources such as access to online references and background checks.

You can experience a free preview of the caretakers in your area simply by entering your zip code on the site. Caretaker's information is provided immediately upon payment of $81 for a year or a onetime payment of $39 followed by a $9.99 /month fee. Service can be cancelled at any time without a penalty.

Care4Hire has graciously offered to give one of my readers a 1 month membership- a 2$9.99 value! This membership is for US AND Canadian users and will give someone plenty of time to try out the service and see how they like it.

How to Win

Tell me what type of caretaker you would look for if you win the 1 month membership (1 entry, must be done)

Extra Entries

  • Enter your zip code on the Care4Hire website and tell me how many caretakers you found in your area (1 entry)
  • Follow me on twitter and tweet about the giveaway (leave a link to your tweet, can be done 2 times/day!)
  • Follow my blog (link on the right, 1 entry)
  • Fav me on technorati (2 entries, link on the right)
  • Blog about the giveaway and post the link (5 entries)

Entries will be accepted until 12 AM CST Sunday May 24th at which time a winner will be chosen randomly.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Prudence the Puggle needs a home

You may have kinda figured out that I love my puggle. Davey is loving, comical, loyal and absolutely lovable. Every puggle I have met just oozes personality, a characteristic that comes with a host of challenges and a boat-load of rewards.

If I didn't already have a dog that sleeps in my bed, sits on my lap and smothers me with kisses like Prudence does I would be driving to Ohio to get her:

Prudence is looking for a new home. So if you or anyone you know in the Ohio area is looking for a great companion please find out more about this sweet girl.

I have noticed there are always plenty of every type of dog on, including puggles right here in Illinois like Sapphire and Molly and puggle puppies like Cassidy. Be sure to check out Petfinder before you head to the pet store for a new puppy, you really can find anything your heart desires in a shelter.

Things Remembered Winner!

Judy from Lainey's Pawtique was the big winner in our Things Remembered giveaway! Thanks everyone for entering, and congrats Judy!!

Sometimes the randomizer does pick the first entry!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Lots of Winners

The randomizer has done its random thing and chosen some winners! Here they are

  • Lara from Cutepea's Freebies one the Eco Chic Handbag
  • Proving that sometimes those first entries DO win comment number 2, from 3Carnations, won the Joey totes
  • Cat nip filled toys from Colorado Catnip Toys will be going out to Janet from Grammy Janet's Place and cdziuba

The winners have all been notified by e-mail. Please let me know if you haven't received your notice (pestkaj@yahoo(dot)com)

Congrats everyone!