Saturday, May 16, 2009

Endangered Species Day

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Did you know that May 15th is Endangered Species Day? Started in 2006 the day is celebrated the 3rd Friday in May as part of an effort to educate individuals about America's disappearing wildlife. Some endangered species facts to ponder:

  • Scientists believe there are as many as 6,500 endangered species in the U.S., although only 1,200 species are legally protected as such.
  • The whooping crane, gray wolf, Pacific salmon and spotted owls are just a few of the species in the U.S. that are at risk of becoming extinct.

The Endangered Species Coalition website has a host of ways you can help the cause including participating in local events, getting educated, taking simple actions at home, having your children send in their artwork , or electronically signing the Endangered Species Act Legacy Pledge.

Another wonderful way to educate kids about endangered species is to visit the Kiss My Face website for kids. The site includes free games, videos and coloring pages- a super fun FREE way to teach your kids about the importance of a diverse wildlife population. Kiss My Face also has a fantastic organic collection just for kids, featuring endangered animals on its packaging.

Stay tuned for a special Kiss My Face kids giveaway in the next few weeks!

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