Wednesday, May 20, 2009

My 1st Week Working with the Snuggle Puggle

Dave here, wanted to let you know about all the hard work I have been doing. You see this puggle, Eduardo, puts all us dogs to work in the Snuggle Puggle Work Force. Isn't that brilliant? We get to do things we like as work too.

You might not know this, but we dogs love to work. Oh sure it might look like I am napping in bed with mommy but really I am working! So let me get right to it and tell you how hard I worked this whole week.
My most important work this week was done in the "Keeping Mom Occupied" department. I started out my work with a bang and a stink.
On Wednesday I decided Mom was getting a little too bored with our dog park visits, so I thought I would mix it up. I found a large pile of lovely poop and rolled and dove in it about 10 times. Smart, aren't I? I thought that would make her happy!
I was jumping and bouncing and swirling my head in that glorious stench when Mom comes running from across the park screaming her brains out. I think maybe she was jealous cause she wanted it for herself. She took the poo and put it an a bag to save for later I'm sure
That's OK because I was good and covered in it already and that poop was all used up. I had such lovely stink on my head, my ears, both sides my feet and even all smooshed into my collar! Hey, I'm a hard worker.

I ran around that park greeting every single person with my new stank-coat and they all screamed in sheer delight when they saw me. Mom even tried to take some more of the stuff for herself by wiping me all over in baby wipes and a wet towel but haha, I still stank when I got in the car.

Then mom did some crazy stuff when we got home. She gave me THREE baths. And it wasn't even time for my bath. Why on earth she would want that nasty orange soap smell in her bed instead of my carefully selected poo-essence is beyond me. Anyway, after the bath I made sure to bark out the window at dogs going by while mom was mumbling about "bad dogs" (the ones outside I bet!) and cleaning the bathroom. Here I am, post bath, guarding the living room window from neighborhood dog menaces:

Note that I am totally naked in that picture cause Mom took my collar and made it smell like orange soap too! That lady is crazy for the soap, I swear.

All in all I would say I kept her dog park visit interesting that day. I think it was too much for the poor delicate creature cause we didn't go back for days after that.

I also kept Mom busy through the week by acting very puppy-like. I know how she loves the puppies so I gave her some reminders like stealing pens and trying to chew them, grabbing food when I could and making small but well thought out messes. When she started yelling at me for this mess I looked around to see who she was yelling at:

Then I figured maybe I should play along and give her a sad puppy pose for her picture box, she loves those.

Aren't I a great worker?


I am Lainey ...Sister is Chloe .. said...

OMG where to start!!! first POOH is NOT good NO matter the smell! Ever ever EVER!!

Second next time yoy are nekked, Warn us so we Can turn our head and NOT see your nekkedness :O

Third was that a doll at some point...and you have the Cute laying down for the picture box!!

And D you are a cutie and Mommy sure can write!

Love Lainey (thats me!) & Mommy .....Okay okay Chloe too!

Eduardo said...

BOL! You are a hard worker! I'm proud of you!
Hugs & Snugs
Eduardo the Snuggle Puggle

Anonymous said...

Wow Davey,

I am speechless. You definitely worked very hard this week! I bet the poop smelled amazing! You sure do know how to keep your mom busy. BOL!

Sniffs and licks,


Nicola said...

Lol - I love this!
That sad face is brilliant :)

Bruschi said...

BOL Davey! you are one heck of a worker! I am sure Eduardo is thrilled to have you on his work force!! I think that the more work you make for your Mommy, means that you are doing more work it all makes sense!

Hugs and Licks, Bruschi

PS- that sad look works EVERY time!