Sunday, July 5, 2009

Back in Action

I've been taking a bit of a vacation, in case anyone was wondering if I fell of the face of the earth. Hope you all had a wonderful holiday while I was ignoring the Internet and paying attention to real life!

While I was taking a break I received a product I am excited to try out- the Q-Link necklace. The Q-Link products are designed to help reduce stress, balance and improve energy and increase focus and concentration. While those might seem to be some lofty goals I don't think they are impossible.

I firmly believe that the field of "energy medicine" is one of the least understood areas in medicine right now. I hope that in the future science uncovers some of the secrets of how the energy fields in and around us impact our health and well-being. And I for one am willing to try to improve my energy even if we don't fully understand the physics behind why it works.

I am excited to be wearing the Q-link necklace to see if it helps me at all. I took a brief quiz on-line to measure my attention, speed and reaction time before the necklace. In a week or so I will retake the test and let you know if there is any improvement. I'm a bit skeptical but trying to stay open minded. I will let you know how it goes!