Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Prudence the Puggle needs a home

You may have kinda figured out that I love my puggle. Davey is loving, comical, loyal and absolutely lovable. Every puggle I have met just oozes personality, a characteristic that comes with a host of challenges and a boat-load of rewards.

If I didn't already have a dog that sleeps in my bed, sits on my lap and smothers me with kisses like Prudence does I would be driving to Ohio to get her:

Prudence is looking for a new home. So if you or anyone you know in the Ohio area is looking for a great companion please find out more about this sweet girl.

I have noticed there are always plenty of every type of dog on Petfinder.com, including puggles right here in Illinois like Sapphire and Molly and puggle puppies like Cassidy. Be sure to check out Petfinder before you head to the pet store for a new puppy, you really can find anything your heart desires in a shelter.


a49erfangirl said...

If I lived in Ohio I would love to take Prudence in. What an adorable puggle indeed!

Bruschi said...

I just love Prudence! She would make a great sister for me! But mommy says not yet....sigh.... There are so many unwanted puggles on petfinder, as well as every other breed out there! It makes mommy so sad!

Hugs and Licks, Bruschi

Reese =^..^= said...

Ahh, that's an awfully cute puppy! This is ReeseKitty from twitter just stopping to say hello! You have a very cute blog!

I am Lainey ...Sister is Chloe .. said...

Hi Davey & Mommy, I gave you an award...please come to my page to pick it up :O) XO Lainey XO

Shazz said...

I Love Puggle. Puggle are for cuddles. The hot designer dog of the decade.