Thursday, March 5, 2009

Smart Shopper Review

I have only 2 items on my shopping list this week.

And I owe it all to my Smart Shopper.

No, I didn't have someone I call "Smart Shopper" do my shopping for me. Although that would be fantastic. Fantasies aside, I have a Smart Shopper organizer, which I credit with helping me not forget one single thing on my grocery list this week.

I lusted after the Smart Shopper after reading about it on other blogs. Amazing as it may sound; my partner actually listened to my raving about the new tech toy and got me one for Valentine's Day. Of course the purchase just might have been motivated by my tendency to make grocery lists and then promptly lose them in the house before it was time to go to the store. Needless to say, I often forgot any number of items during my weekly grocery jaunt.

So I was ecstatic to get this little gem, whatever the motivation for purchase.

The Smart Shopper attaches magnetically to the fridge, and grocery items are added to a list by touching a button and speaking into the contraption. I have had great success with the voice recognition on the Smart Shopper, nearly every item I have commanded the Shopper to add, it has recognized. Although it responded poorly when I slipped it a hundred and commanded it to fetch my groceries for me. Moody little machine.

Do you envy my little grocery list making slave? You can get your own Smart Shopper directly from the manufacture, or from Amazon for as low as 47.91. You can also check out all the benefits of the Smart Shopper or the Smart Shopper Deluxe at the manufacture's website.


Chase said...

wow, that is a neat contraption! I wonder if it understands dog language and i can sneak some other items on Mommy's grocery list...hmm...

sniffs and licks,


Laura said...

I don't shop without a list. That would be great!