Monday, February 9, 2009

My Love Letter to HP VT, the perfect girl for me

What could possibly be better than a notebook computer that looks like the most sumptuous clutch you ever laid your paws on? Nada. A handbag can’t do all this little beauty is capable of. And no notebook ever looked this good. Nothing you could even put in a fantastic handbag could compare.
When I first laid eyes on this amazing Vivienne Tam design it was love at first sight. Her delectable reds and violets- so delicious I could take a bite, that feminine form with curves in all the right places, the compact body, the productivity, the Intel Atom processor *swoon*. I only need the chance to pamper her like the goddess she is.
I will be such a thoughtful, caring partner. Never will I toss this angel around. No flopping her onto the bed or arm of the couch carelessly like I have done with those before her. I promise no slumming at designer knock-off websites with this upscale love. Oh and the sophisticated Vivienne Tam sheath I would wrap her in each night as she purred herself to a contented rest.
The world and its intricate web are ours to explore together, if only she were mine. She deserves to be pampered like only I can. We must be together this Valentine’s Day, my VT and I.

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