Tuesday, October 14, 2014

A Dog Named Dave

Meet Davey the puggle. Dave is an eight-year old feisty mix of pug and beagle. He is all mouth, stomach, nose and personality, like so very many puggles. Oh and did I mention he is goofy looking? See?

This oh-so-lovable boy came into my life and changed it forever. I never was a dog person. Davey turned me into one. He is my shadow, my best friend and my favorite companion. I even worked at a dog daycare when he was young so I could hang out with him more.
Over the past eight years I have had to learn a ton about dogs. Davey requires lots of attention and like many puggles has terrible separation anxiety. He also loves to destroy toys and eat. He loves food so much he even developed a bad pancreas issue several years ago which requires a special low-fat diet.

In the coming blogs I plan to share some of the trials and triumphs Davey and I have had over the years. I'll talk about my most favorite dog products, the lessons we have learned the hard way and the tricks that have helped us get through our challenges. There will certainly be giveaways and lots of pictures along the way. Yes, I'm that dog mom- and I welcome you if you are too!

Our first review and giveaway, for treats from the fellow puggle-lovers and amazing bakers at Lainey's Pawtique, will be up this week so come back and enter soon.

Davey and Jessica

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