Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Bil-Jac Dog Treat Review

Bil -Jac's dog treats have recently been added to our ever-growing list of treats Dave can't live without. Of course, Davey's waist line has grown right along with that list, not that HE minds.

Davey absolutely lost his mind for the Bil-Jac Gooberlicious treats. These soft, peanut flavored treats were the first to go in this house. I used them for encouragement to get Davey into his kennel (he always gets a Kong and treats to go in the "Bat Cave, as we call it) and he is thrilled to go in there for a Gooberlicious treat or two.

The Bil -Jac Liver Treats serve a very specific purpose for us- training. The small treats are just the right size and shape for breaking in half. I like that because I can give Davey enough of a reward but not too many calories. Plus all the Bil-Jac treats have a great smell, which helps Davey get even more motivated to do as I ask. For large dogs I would think the Bil-Jac Liver treats would be just the right size for training. They fit nicely in a large kong as well. Neither the Liver Treats nor the Gooberlicious treats dried out in the whole time we had them, which I really appreciate since some of the cheaper treats tend to get hard quickly even if sealed up.

After trying the Bil-Jac treats I saw that they also offer a pizza flavor treat, which I know Davey will L O V E. Pizza is the one food that makes him drool like a fiend. I actually feel bad for the poor guy when we eat it because I know I can only give him a taste. So I am thrilled to find that there is a high-quality treat like Bil-Jac in pizza flavor. Now to just figure out what new trick to teach Dave so he can earn those treats- any suggestions? He knows all the basic tricks, so something fun and challenging is needed at this point.

Bil-Jac products, including their treats, are available at PetCo and Petsmart or you can find a Bil-Jac retailer by visiting their website.

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Willard said...

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